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As we work more at home this year, we may be missing some of our office creature comforts. From casual hallway chats and a bottomless coffee pot to printers and scanners and dual monitors to culture of care pick-me-up post-its and more, working at home is different. This page includes tips and tricks gathered from HDESD staff and our peers across the Pacific Northwest.

Tips for Working at Home


Video Conferencing Help in Spanish

Our districts will be using varied video conferencing tools with students this spring. Here is a quick rundown with how to access support for each in Spanish and other languages:


Featured Tool Tip

Zoom Meetings

Zoom has become the world of distributed work this month. Globally, nationally, and right here at HDESD. Here are a few things to know as we navigate this year of working more at home.

  • Zoom is paying attention to security and exponential growth and has been adjusting daily. You can read more about that on their COVID-19 resources page.
  • They have an excellent help center that has resources in multiple languages. Visit the Zoom Centro de ayuda for Spanish-language support.
  • Don’t be like Tony! (see video below)
  • Learn how to run a better virtual meeting via Harvard Business Review. (Thanks, Anna Higgins!)
  • And feel free to join us for our weekly Zoom opporuntinies. Check out the professional learning schedule for details.

Work at Home Likes

  • Reduced Commuting Costs
  • More Family Time
  • More Casual Outfits

Work at Home Struggles

  • Loneliness
  • Trouble Focusing
  • My Home Office Needs Updates and Tech

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Let’s Learn Together!

2020-21 will be an interesting year, full of both challenges and opportunities.

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