HDESD Health & Safety Stance

teacher at desk with mask

Fall 2021 Stance (PDF)

If you would like a PDF version of this stance, you can download, save, or print it for use in your classroom or office.

Fall 2021 Update

The High Desert Education Service District (HDESD) has taken a firm and proactive stance on health and safety during the global pandemic. While we cannot avoid risk, there are many things we can and will do to mitigate it.

We are diligently following all state health and safety guidelines. The guidelines, created by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the Oregon Early Learning Division (ELD) and our Local Public Health Authorities (LPHAs) include specific universal precautions for wearing face coverings, monitoring closely for COVID symptoms in staff and students and appropriately quarantining/isolating when exposed to or testing positive for COVID-19.

We work every day to put kids first, take care of each other and be innovative and responsive to the needs of our students, families, partner school districts and communities. Each of these core values continues to guide our decision making as we strive for excellence.

  • Listed below are the standards HDESD employees are to follow in order to take care of themselves and those they serve during the COVID-19 pandemic
    Regardless of what others may be doing in any given shared spaces, HDESD employees are required to follow OHA/ODE health and safety guidelines, which includes wearing face coverings in shared spaces, monitoring for symptoms, appropriately quarantining/isolating when exposed to or testing positive for COVID-19 and provide district with proof of vaccination (or exception) status.
  • If an individual outside of HDESD states that they can’t or won’t wear a facial covering and/or follow other universal precautions, it is appropriate and advised that HDESD employees use greater social distancing to interact (more than 6 feet away), or set up a time to interact virtually. Additionally, we encourage HDESD employees to let their supervisor know if they have concerns about others who are not following OHA/ODE guidelines.