High Desert ESDΒ COVID Handbook

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COVID Handbook

Our human resources team has helped create a COVID Handbook to help answer any COVID related questions. The handbook is available as a PDF download. Please choose either the Spanish or English version below.

You can also visit the general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for answers to other common health and safety scenarios.

Vaccination Requirement Timeline

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Verification Timeline

  • September 7: Vaccine requirements to your inbox
  • September 14: Deadline to submit proof of vaccine or exception form
  • September 15 – 24: HR, Executive Team, and/or supervisors reaching out to individual employees.
  • October 18: Proof of Vaccine or Exception Form Due

Timeline by Manufacturer

  • Moderna Vaccine: First shot no later than September 7th
  • Pfizer Vaccine: First shot no later than September 14th
  • Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Shot no later than October 4th