We are continuing to work, learn, and do things like banking and business transactions at home. As the weeks stretch on, we are needing to complete forms and share paperwork digitally…and may not have a printer/copier/scanner at home to assist. The good news is there are options you can use on a mobile device. Here’s a quick rundown:

Note: In this post, we’re highlighting how-tos and apps for personal and occasional use. (You can share this with family and friends!) If you need to scan and manage PDFs and related documents for work, please email techhelp@hdesd.org, so we can help get you setup with our enterprise Adobe Scan and Sign apps.

Every mobile device is different (updates, apps, Android overlays, etc). If you run into any issues with these suggestions, please jump on chat with us (in the bottom right corner of this page) or email techhelp@hdesd.org with your questions. Happy scanning!