Thanks for tuning in for Paul’s weekly update. Here are a few of the highlights:

Celebrating Our Retirees

Thank you to our incredible HDESD retirees…
Bill Anderson
Wendy Adams
Shawna Bell
Sandy Bishop
Catherine Halliwell-Templin
Sherry Day
Diane Hower
Nancy Schwickerath
Susan Zenor


Please pass along your thanks and good wishes to them as well for their contributions to our kids, families, organization and our communities.

A few furlough notes…

Thanks to everyone for their flexibility which has resulted in real savings as we move into the next school year.

Two important details:

  1. If you get a denial of benefits letter from the Employment Department – please let our business office know right away — we may only have 10 days to challenge it.  
  2. It could take as long as August to get unemployment benefits – that’s the reality of how far behind the Employment Department is in processing claims.


Next year…

ODE has released state guidelines for teaching and learning in the fall. Paul will be working with program administrators to figure out how these guidelines will impact each of our programs in the fall.

Meantime, we have the summer to figure out how we will adapt our work and programs and how we will walk along-side our partner districts as we plan what the fall will look like.

When we come together again in the fall, we’ll be in a better place to move gracefully into the new school year.


This summer…

We will continue to work under Governor Brown’s executive order to telework whenever possible. While there may be some exceptions, expect to continue as we have for the past several months.

Paul acknowledged how tricky it is for us to be operating under different guidelines than other businesses and organizations who are in Phase 2 in our counties. Schools and ESDs do not fall under the same Executive Orders as the counties, so while you hear that the county is in Phase 2 and can now hold larger meetings, etc.  That does not apply to us.


HDESD and Equity

Paul talked about impact of the murder of George Floyd, whose life ended last month at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis.

He also sent a message to our team and the community. If you haven’t seen it, please take a moment to read it: Educators must have an unwavering stance on racism. It is critical to who we are as an organization that puts kids first, takes care of each other and seeks out innovation.