Thanks for tuning in for Paul’s weekly update. He answered questions about the furlough, spoke out about the killing of George Floyd and our continuing call to action to combat and change systemic racism, and shared some of the things we know about next fall.

Key Details…

On the furlough: The employment department approved our application. Please continue to work with your supervisor and team on the specifics of furlough days and groups. We updated the Furlough Facts one-pager to provide information at-a-glance.

Thank you for sharing your questions via the Your Voice: Questions, Concerns & Ideas form. Paul shared answers on three key questions:

  1. Are our partner school districts in support of our decision to move forward with the furlough?
  2. Work Share eligibility states that part-time employees must have worked for 12 months to be eligible. Is this consecutive months and if so, how will summer break affect this eligibility piece?
  3. I have another job (not with the HDESD) and I plan to pick up extra shifts on the days I am furloughed. Will this affect the unemployment benefit I receive as a result of this furlough?

(You can read the answers to these questions on the FAQ page.)

And also shared the updated information  we received on this question:

Q. If I take any leave this week or next week, will that impact my ability to be eligible for the furlough?
A: We received new guidance on this that is different from what we understood before. The latest interpretation is that anyone who takes leave this week or next will not be eligible for that week’s Work share furlough. It’s critical, therefore that you make sure that your supervisor knows of any leave you will take this week or next. We need to let payroll know right away as well – so please let your supervisor know right away.

    Our Call to Equity… 

    Once again — with the death of George Floyd — we are painfully reminded that both our nation and our state have a tremendous amount of work to do around racism and equity.

    As an organization that puts children first and takes care of each other, our equity work remains critical on every level and in every fiber of who we are. We need to stand in solidarity with our communities of color, and frankly, those of us who are white have an obligation to change the system that has benefited us. This isn’t just a policing issue, but it’s also an issue of our system of education, of our economic system, of our housing system, of every system that keeps the status quo.

    We will continue to weave the work we have already started into broader work that fights injustice and real systemic racism that exists in all aspects of our lives.

    This Summer…

    We are celebrating with many of our programs, like Migrant Education, that will be kicking off their summer learning programs via distance learning in the coming weeks.

    For those of us who work year-round, we’ll continue to follow the same guidelines for teleworking whenever possible and appropriate. This means that most of us will continue to work from home this summer. Notice and permission will continue to be required for entering HDESD buildings so that we can ensure social distancing can be maintained.

    We will know more and share information about next fall on next week’s update.

    Fireside Chat next week is Wednesday, June 10 at noon.