My Equity Stance

Paul Andrews, Superintendent, June 2020

This clip was part of the June 3 weekly update to HDESD staff.

Before I move on, I want to stop… take a step back…and acknowledge what’s going on in the world around us.

Beyond the uncertainties of the pandemic…and the economy… and the changes to our personal and professional lives…we continue to live and work in a climate of systemic racism.

Once again — with the death of George Floyd — we are painfully reminded that both our nation and our state have a tremendous amount of work to do around racism and equity.

As an organization that puts children first and takes care of each other, our equity work remains critical on every level and in every fiber of who we are. We need to stand in solidarity with our communities of color, and frankly, those of us who are white have an obligation to change the system that has benefited us. This isn’t just a policing issue, but it’s also an issue of our system of education, of our economic system, of our housing system, of every system that keeps the status quo.

We need to continue to weave the work we have already started into broader work that fights injustice and real systemic racism that exists in all aspects of our lives.