News & Resources

New Features in CORIS

A few new features have popped up! One is that you can search by student name (top of main page - "student search"). Return to your full list by clicking "show all". Next to the "Exit" Button there is a directory button. There you can see all the specialists with...

504 Requests

If you get a request to be involved in developing a student's 504 plan, please have the case manager put a referral in through our regular referral system. This helps us keep track of those students and get them into your CORIS.

Pulse Oximeters

Many of you have expressed interest in using pulse oximeters with your schools (especially after many attended that interoception session). These are not consumable items, so they can be requested for trial with specific students through the regular AT processes...

Feeding-PEDAL Clinic Session

You may have seen the invite to a zoom meeting on 4/21 re: PEDAL clinic and feeding. Our feeding group has organized for Dr Becky Statford to give a talk on the resources available through the PEDAL feeding clinic. This invite has been sent out to all the sped...

AT Equipment Lists and EOY (end of year) Processes

Maddie and Raul have sent out your equipment list. Please have it updated by 4/29 so they can move forward with the rest of the EOY equipment processes. If you have questions about the EOY equipment processes, Maddie has agreed to be available at the following...

Let’s Learn Together! 

Many of us will have some unexpected, unscheduled time in April 2020. We want to fill that time with chances for connection and learning.