As we record Zoom sessions and create screencasts for students, we will be generating a lot of video this spring. There are a couple of options for sharing. When sharing with staff or program partners, it may be easiest to share a link from the app’s cloud hosting, e.g. Zoom Cloud Recording.

When sharing with students and families, YouTube is a good choice. It automatically plays the size and resolution of the video that is best for a user’s device and bandwidth, which helps us provide equitable access for families on a wide variety of internet plans. If you share video with any personal or sensitive information (not recommended), make sure to set your video privacy to unlisted or private. Please also check in with your supervisor and/or technology for support in deciding what can be shared by link.

(Read more about video security and be sure to email or chat with us using the chat window in the bottom right corner of this page if you have any questions or uncertainty.)

YouTube can also help us organize our recordings and screencasts:

  1. We can create playlists to keep things organized.
  2. We can keep them “unlisted” if we don’t want them searchable to the whole world (to increase security).
  3. We can embed those playlists (or individual videos) on content-area pages. You can see an example on our work-at-home site:
  4. You can also see that playlist on Rachel’s YouTube page.  (And you can have unlimited playlists of videos you upload or of videos others upload.)

Use your account for uploading and managing your YouTube videos. You can access it using the app launcher in the upper right of Gmail and other G Suite windows. We will schedule YouTube training in April. And again, don’t hesitate to chat with us or email with any questions. Happy videoing!

Gmail app launcher