Now that we are settling into working at home, it’s time to refresh thinking about our information security and cybersecurity practices.

Stay Safe Online, part of our National Cyber Security Alliance has an excellent library of security resources for working at home.

Many of these are the practices and skepticism we have been building for the past five years at HDESD. Here are the most important for this week:

  • Always be suspicious. This is more important now than ever, as criminals take advantage of COVID-19 at home and work. They are counting on us being distracted. View most requests from a starting point of zero trust and confirm before sharing anything.
  • Double check electronic communications. Continue double checking sender email addresses and web addresses before replying or submitting any information. 
  • Setup multi-factor or two-factor authentication on your personal and work accounts, when possible.


    2019 Cybersecurity Series

    If you want to refresh your cybersecurity brain even more, you can review our full October 2019 information-security series:

    We will share practical tips and tricks in the weeks ahead. For now, being suspicious is the best tip of all.