Sigh. There was lots on the go this year, this role is new to me (and all of us!), and some things just didn’t get finished. If any of these to-do items calls to you, please feel free to take it on. If not, we will try again next year 🙂
  • Tidy rosters – for regular sessions of tidying up shelves at BEC and HDREC (and possibly roster for tidying #7 more than once a year? Not throwing out old stuff each time, but just general tidying up the space) One specific issue at BEC is that many of our HWT teacher guides are out of date and it would be great to see which ones are out of date and “retire” them.
  • Social committee – We often want to get together, or send a card when someone has something to celebrate (or needs a pick-me-up), or gather some funds for a little gift…but there is no one person “assigned” to take this on, so it often causes a lot of confusion or delay. I was wondering if 1-2 folks wanted to take this on? You could run with it however you want… if you’re interested, just email the team and go for it! 
  • BOT-2 online scoring – Katie D has access to online scoring for BOT-2 for the team. She has put access info in the online book/eval checkout form (in the OT/PT team drive). I have no idea how to use it and was hoping to contact Pearson to see how we can get it available without having to log into Katie D’s account. We have ordered a new batch of paper booklets and scoring forms, which should be enough to get us through to next year when I can try to sort out the online thing.
  • Other eval tools – FYI Tiffany and I went through and ordered (what should be) enough copies of the SPM-2, Sensory Profile, and VMI to get us through the end of the year (and beyond!) But if needs come up for “refills” on the lesser used evals please get in touch with Tiffany.
  • Cleaning up the OT/PT Team Folder – Nancy H and I got a good start on this in the fall, but there is still lots to do. I have a feeling this might be a “wait until next year” thing…?