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We’re back for Lesson Two during this month when we revisit the very basic things we can do to keep ourselves and our organization safe. Similar to last year, we’ll add daily lessons this final week of the series. Another quick one today:

Reminder: Passwords are the key (same start as lesson one). A password manager helps us create strong ones and protect them.

Action: Take two minutes to learn a bit more in today’s video:

Congratulations to Mark Walls who won the “fabulous prize” for lesson one. (It’s a custom Silipint!) Reminder, we have prizes each lesson and one grand prize this Friday.

To qualify today, reply to the email from me. What time does the cat need to be fed?

Would you like access to our HDESD password manager (LastPass)? And training and support? Enter your info below and we’ll be in touch this week. (Program leaders, we’ve left a spot for you to sign-up your entire team with one entry.)

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